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Cotton yarn hairiness cleaning

2017-07-18 News

As the length of cotton fiber is short, cotton yarn surface of the villi more, easy to fall off, often flying flowers in the weft storage device, gripper, probe head, near the nozzle, causing the weft feeder work is not normal, The device can not hold a firm weft, the nozzle is working abnormally, and the weft is empty. Generally take a timely clean approach. As a result of manual cleaning often there are some uncertain factors such as parking, such as the cleaning cycle is long, causing the impact of flying on the performance of the machine caused by parking; cleaning, flying was blown off other parts caused parking. These factors will have a certain impact on the efficiency of the loom, in these prone to fly an important part of the additional suction port, to achieve timely cleaning, is an effective way to solve this problem.