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Water jet looms for yarn requirements

2017-07-18 News

Water jet loom weft is the water as the medium, the use of water jet generated by the power of the weft into the shed. Because of the large friction coefficient of the weft on the weft yarn, the traction force of the yarn can be increased, so that the water jet weft insertion has the characteristics of high speed, wide width, low noise and low power consumption. Therefore, it is widely used for hydrophobic fiber yarn weaving The Natural fiber fabric performance, water jet looms to expand the range of varieties has become the use of water spray looms manufacturers consensus. The author through practice, in the water jet loom on the successful weaving out of the cotton fabric to solve the cotton yarn in the water weaving in the existing problems, to achieve a high efficiency and low consumption of water jet looms weaving hydrophilic fiber yarn purpose.

Water jet looms rely on water to weft, weft flying was free. The water stream causes the weft and weft yarns of the shed near the fabric and the fabric to be moist, and thus the raw material varieties, the state and the shape of the shed and so on. Due to the constraints of various conditions, the previous water jet looms are used for the common moisture regain of less than 10%, and the elongation at break is greater than 8.8% for yarn weaving.